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What is Elevator ?


Pass through the machine movement commands received from the control panel of the drive motor in the apartment, cabin works by moving in the desired direction. Cabinet will work jointly against weight. steel rope between the drive pulley and moves up and down by a movement caused by friction. Car and counterweight are approximately equal weight with each other. This is why it has been saved energy. This kind of drive machine called the friction-driven elevators. In addition, the wound on the drive pulley rope or chain is available in working elevator. In this way, employees also called lift drum lifts.

Elevator are divided into types depending on capacity.

Elevators are used in houses; 100, 180, 240, 320, 400, 630, 1000 kg 7 derives be divided.

Elevators are used in non-residential place; 630, 800, 1000, 1200, 1600 kg, including 5 species separated.

Elevators are used in health care facilities; 1600, 2000, 2500 kg, including 3 species separated.

According to the elevator speed 0.63 m / sec, 1 m / s, 1.6 m / s, 2.5 m / s and 2.5 m / sec speeds are 5 kinds, including on the.

They are depending on the elevator cabin, engine room and headroom dimensions of the supply etmektedir.y change the engine and brake system uses different power than speed lifts in addition to them.

Regulator device is a safety device that brakes the cabin, comes into play if the elevator rope breakage.


Lifting work, hydraulic fluid, which prompted a cabinet directly or indirectly affecting lifts and elevators are realized through an electrically driven pump. This downward movement of the elevator cabin is provided with its own weight.

engine room hydraulic lifts in general, has a first stop level. Wherein the oil tank and the hydraulic machine thereof (assembly), through which the control panel has the hoses and hydraulic fluids.

in the elevator shaft; Cabin, counterweight if the cylinder-piston system, a suspension device and buffers.

Hydraulic lifts electricity actuated by pushing the oil pump on the basis of the çalışır.pompalan remove the piston oil cabin, they had brought move in the cylinder through pipes instead of the specific conditions of the hydraulic machine. Cylinder cabinet can be bound directly or indirectly. The cylinder is controlled by cabin it received the necessary moves to the floor.

Hydraulic lifts are generally; Residences, villas and houses, renovated building in seeing; building in the undesirable situation of bringing an additional burden on the static (eg renovation of ancient monuments), factories, used in shopping malls in panoramic.

Lifts should be general agreement on monthly, 6 months and undergo the necessary maintenance on an annual basis.

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