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From Installation Industry to Production, from Production to the Association

33.th year

Believing in the necessity of adapting of the elevator sector to changing the new conditions, Seyit Ali Yazgan, Ethem Çulum, Fahri Tunalı, Bekir Paşayiğit, Dursun Genç, Hamdi Ergün and Rahman Vatansever have begun to make an effort the industry for unification under one roof. In 1988, with the attempt of seven people, an association was established under the name of All Elevator Operators Association (Tüm Asansörcüler Derneği “TAD”). Founded with 50 members, TAD was registered as All Elevator Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TASİAD) in parallel with changes both in Turkey and in elevator industry June 22, 2007.

Turkey has entered into a rapid change and development process with 80s. In this change and development process, the construction industry has begun to grow stably. The elevator industry capturing the parallel acceleration with the construction industry has decided that after reaching a certain infrastructure, coming together under industrial non-governmental organization is “best place”. It is important that members of the industry have knowledge about the revised legislation and regulation, that’s why they are those who know best about the situation in the industry. The companies which maintain their business life within the framework the regulation in force need information sharing. “We, first of all, have come together to eliminate the sharing of information which is lack of industry” saying TASİAD Management indicates that the elevator industry having different structure as a result of changing conditions changes “its purposes and requirements”.

In establishment period, importance was given to principle of acting together:

The first years of TASİAD which established in the late of 80s passed with completing of its structure and bringing together under this structure. They gave importance on spreading the principle of acting together to industry base, first of all. In this regard, the organization to bring the industry together was arranged. Another issue considered at least as important as this for the association is to share the problems of the sector with the public institutions and entities.

The first activity took place in 1988 based on public:

First step for this purpose was the meeting called “Last Revision of Elevator Directive” held by The Ministry of Industry and Trade in April. TASİAD management participating this meeting have knowledge about changing directive and TSE standards. At the same time, it shares its proposals with the public authorities, and forwards developments about the issue to the members.

The importance of training activities:

Training activities are the another important issue from the beginning of establishment for TASİAD which is aware of the necessity of adapting changing and developing conditions for growing elevator industry. We took place in share of information about recent developments and applications in elevator directives and standards. We contributed to elevator industry by creating a committee of experts. For getting certificates of journeyman, mastership and qualified instructor, we opened courses and helped the members to get required documents.

“The elevator industry of Turkey beginninging with assembly industry has know-how to meet all expectations with modern quality, security standards, technical specifications and after-assembly services. However, there are issues which we need to pay attention in order to protect and enhance our investment and to create valuable brands” saying TASİAD Board indicates “Our purpose is to determine the industry courses and conditions, and to act together with all matters of industry for improving these conditions.” In this context, the priority of TASİAD is to ensure that manufacturing and assembly are performed in accordance with standards, and the elevators of which maintenance and periodic controls are done timely by authorized companies are used.



















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